Rick and Cynthia Hayes lead North Atlantic Dreams which is the North Atlantic base for Streams Ministires International based in Scotland. They travel extensively to many nations teaching, equipping believers and spreading lashings of encouragement wherever they go. They were part of the founding core leadership of CLAN (Christians linked across the nations) and carry many years of ministry experience between them. They are all round wonders that shine very brightly for the Kingdom of God!

Rick & Cynthia Hayes


Frank & Caroline Peacock

Frank and Caroline are founder members of Kings Inverness and have served as leaders in this church since its inception. They have always been at the forefront of encouraging new expressions of ministry and giving people opportunities to explore the calling that God has put on their lives.

Over the years this has seen involvement with many activities in the Kingdom from church home groups to street missions and overseas with Adopt A Child, raising sponsors in the UK to support disadvantaged children in both Guatemala and Albania. Caroline is currently involved with Inverness Womans Aid a charity which helps and supports woman and children who have suffered domestic abuse.

They have recently been invited to join the Blue Flame core team and will bring with them some of the experience that they have gained over the many years in ministry, they have a heart to encourage the release of men and woman reaching out to bring others into the kingdom of God and to use creative ways to teach the truths found in scripture that will be relevant to the changing culture and society that we live in today.

BLUE FLAME is connected to King's Inverness, in Scotland - the much loved home to so many Inverness Blue Flames. Our accountability is to the leadership there who have always encouraged us to be all that we can be.

Lead Pastors: Chris and Sarah Dowling (left) and Thom and Ruth Raller (right)

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King's Inverness


Charity is the co-founder and leader of Blue Flame Ministry and is passionate about the prophetic and creativity. She loves working with teams and being part of igniting new and creative ways of releasing God’s Spirit in the church and on the mission field through the arts and spiritual gifts.

Charity’s journey has led her to write her first book and subsequent course 'Limitless - God's Creative Mandate for His Church'. She led the national Creative Team for CLAN (Christians Linked across the Nation) for many years, helping to form a new pioneering community. This community continues to grow and diversify into other ventures such as Tabernacle, increasingly working with international family. She regularly speaks at a diversity of events, as well as teaching Limitless in Scotland and in various nations.

With a professional training and background in the fields of art and design,  she continues her love of all things creative in the forming a diversity of art including large metal sculptures and atmosphere design for various events.

She works with amazing people and together they seek to help Christians deepen their relationship with God, passionately exploring their spiritual gifts and God-given creativity for worship, intercession and mission.  Charity lives in Inverness, in the Highlands of Scotland, with her husband Alan and their two daughters.  More on Charity

Charity Bowman Webb

Core Structure

Karen Beaton

Originally from South London, Karen has settled Nairn, Invernes-shire , after many challenges on life journey. She is a single mum of five (two of them on Autistic Spectrum). Karen has always been passionate about following Jesus but it was when she  became the Blue Flame Photographer, that her relationship with God became so much deeper. From the early  beginnings of taking photographs of the team in action, she learned to be guided by the Holy Spirit in her photography with surprising results and many adventures. Our Blue Flame website is stuffed full of Karen's photographic journey.

Writing and poetry has also developed, expressing not only her own deepening journey but also declaring weighty prophetic messages for the church in powerful prose. Karen has been the official photographer for Blue Flame since 2011 and she was also the photographer for CLAN for 6 years as well working with Gathering of the Artisans,  the Art of Easter Exhibition and Inverness Cathedral. More on Karen

Ernie Gibson

Ernie is a member of King’s Inverness, Scotland and is married to Sheila (also on the BF Core Team). He has been involved with Blue Flame since it's origon. He particularly enjoys the outreach part of the ministry, and is looking forward to seeing a greater harvest in the near future.

He has acted as a spiritual advisor in various Kingdom enterprises. He is part of the national core team for Pray for Scotland and his territory covers the Highlands and Islands. He particularly enjoys walking the land and incorporates his pleasure, with praying for the land and it’s people. The two nations, particularly on his heart, at the present time, are Scotland and Israel  with a growing call to pray for Wales and Canada as well.

Ben & Anna Griffin

Ben and Anna are a force to be reckoned with. With a tremendous love of people and community they have served on numerous mission teams over many years with compassion and gifting. Ben works for the Forestry Commission which takes regularly sees him traveling throughout Scotland. Anna leads the Blue Flame Movement Community which encourages and enable people in dance and movement as vehicles for worship, prayer and finding tremendous freedom in God.

Since becoming involved with Blue Flame 10+ years ago, she has ‘come alive’ with the knowledge that she is created in the image of Creator God, and the joy of using various creative styles to worship. In ministry, she is very passionate about  fabric, both to move with during worship, and to bring a heavenly atmosphere to venues used for Blue Flame type events.

Sheila loves to support leaders, releasing them to do what they do best, and helping to turn their visions into reality.  At the same time she is learning to lead in the area of Atmosphere Design at events and outreaches. She leads the Blue Flame hand massage team at mission and church events. This is no ordinary hand massage..prepare to encounter God! She has 4 children and 9 grandchildren.

Sheila Gibson


Greg & Susan Card

Working with insight to establish a balance of the Visual Arts within contemporary Christian culture, Greg and Susan Card bring their extensive career experiences as professional artists to help with the formation of excellence in the coming Kingdom Arts.

Currently residing in South Carolina, USA they oversee The Advancing Art Team at Morningstar Ministries in Fort Mill, USA, continue to exhibit in galleries, and are commissioned as public artists painting at numerous international conference venues. Greg and Susan are frequent guest speakers and minister in the visual arts at various churches and groups. They instruct at studio art workshops, and mentor younger students as well as help establish a place for artists in corporate gatherings. More on Susan  More on Greg

Rosie Hakim

Rosie is passionate about all things new!  New revelations inspire her to follow through with action- whether that's a lesson plan, song or dance.

She sees creativity as a therapeutic journey in discovering more about our creator and becoming more like Him in our own unique way. Rosie loves walking, dancing and drumming out this freedom with friends, joining the colourful, sound-filled, love-full dance of the Trinity.

Community building and empowering others is at the heart of her vision. She enjoys connecting with groups from different spheres to learn, explore and unite. Rosie is an Egyptian-Scot, born in the UK and lives in Inverness, Scotland.

Jeni Bump

Jeni's carries an infectious passion for God and His creativity, which she explores in many ways, aiming to mentor others on the journey. Through her talent in fine art, she conveys the unseen realm of the His Kingdom as mystery meets reality with powerful impact.  She loves to be part of mission often using her flare with face painting as a gift to reveal God's heart for many children and their parents.  She is part of the Movement Community core team, taking dance and movement into many different church and mission settings over the years.

Jeni also co-leads the Blue Flame Dream Group which seeks to nurture this skill in others and help them to understand the communications of God.  She is married to J.D and mum to three gorgeous girls and together they are part of the King's Inverness church community. More on Jeni

Ingrid is long standing a member of Hilton Parish Church, Inverness. Through her love of helping people to find healing and wholeness, she is involved in Bethel Sozo and works as a counsellor for adults and young people. She has a huge heart for giving away what God has given her and is frequently involved with mission, either local or further afield. After training in prophetic evangelism with Blue Flame, she has found herself as part of many mission adventures such as the Belladrum festival and as part of CLAN Games in Glasgow.

She regularly serves within a local group, helping  young parents and their children in her community. She is married to Stephen, with four grown up children who continue to have their own adventures in God.

Ingrid Hutchison

Morven Ball

Morven loves releasing Kingdom creativity and does this through serving in a diversity of ministries. Morven is Missions Director and P.A. for Blue Flame using her heart and flare to reach others, by coordinating a diversity of mission activities. Never short of ideas, she is involved in prophetic evangelism, face painting, dance and movement, a diversity of artistic areas, children's ministry and even a flash mob as powerful vehicles to convey God's love for others. She has served with Healing on the Streets, coordinated prayer spaces for schools and been part of the CLAN Creative team for many years in atmosphere design and fine art.

As well as her role with Blue Flame, she also works as the Co-ordinator of Little Fishes mission at her home church King's Inverness - a  thriving program for parents and toddlers. Morven lives in Inverness with her husband and five children. More on Morven


Alison attends Barn Church, Culloden and serves there as part of the Eldership team. Together with her husband Andrew, she leads the youth group. She is part of the Prayer Ministry team and also heads up Bethel Sozo Ministry at the Barn Church. Alison serves with the HOTS team (Healing on the Streets) and has also been part of the Blue Flame team ministering to children, parents and staff of Adopt-A-Child ministry in Albania.

Her passion is for people, both young and old, to be healed physically, mentally and spiritually - for them to be encouraged and released to follow God's call on their lives and for them to be serving in their community or further afield.

Alison Ramsay



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