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Our Story

A group began to gather in Inverness in 2006 and developed to become Blue Flame a few years later, as the ministry grew. We have always been an interdenominational ministry with a gathering of believers from many different churches rallying to explore further.

We are a core family of pioneers who are sent to reach out and connect with many other believers and ministries across our own nation, the UK and internationally in various countries. We go after unity, we celebrate diversity, we aim to share and give away what God has given us. We feel deeply honoured to be part of an international family of friends who are passionate about God’s Kingdom.

We have developed many areas of creative, prophetic mission, going to all sorts of festivals and events. We have spilled onto the streets and brought light into secular spiritual fayres. We have joined teams in other nations and ministries as well as organised many different types of evangelistic events ourselves.

Over the years God began to awaken another calling for Blue Flame - to be part of restoring the arts and the understanding of the gift of creativity in God's church again. From the early days of beginning to explore different creative areas, to the message of Limitless, we have become part of a growing creative family of believers across the world who are rediscovering the power of our God given creativity - for the church, for evangelism, for a passionate relationship with God.

  • Creative, prophetic evangelism using revelatory gifting, creative ideas and the arts. We have organised many mission events and activities, trained and equipped teams.
  • Exploration of the arts and creative ideas within the church to delve deeper into the  presence of God. This would include the message of Limitless, the vision of Tabernacle and work with the growing 'creative movement' in the UK and internationally.
  • New training material and running many equipping workshops and seminars over the last decade, inspiring people and raising up teams for pioneering, creative exploration and evangelism.
  • Hosting Tabernacle spaces, that encourage radical openness, exploration and response to God.

What we Pioneer

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You can take part with us through prayer and donations.

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‍‍‍We chose the name "BlueFlame" beca‍‍‍use it represents the hottest part of a flame. This is how we want to be: full of fire for the things of His Kingdom.

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We hope that this website will be a 24x7 resource, sharing what we are learning, chockfull of eye witness stories, telling photos and video documenting.



We are based in the Highlands of Scotland, and are a Christian organization which is part of, and responsible to the King's Inverness whose registered charity number is SCO 10326.

Blue Flame is led by Charity Bowman-Webb together with the Core Team - a group of people who meet together to pray and hear direction for the ministry.