This has been used for communicating what God has been doing in Blue Flame, in documentary format  Heather Gregg, our film maker, has often filmed alongside Karen at the same events.  Technology in mobile phones has improved to such an extent that this simple, universal tool is in most people’s hands.  Video is part of bearing witness to God and what he is doing.  It’s particularly useful to capture things like the spontaneous movement of the dancers, the sound of the music, spoken poetry, interviews etc. You will find examples of this in this website.


Audio Conferencing

Even the most technophobic of us has learnt to use simple audio conferencing to connect with each other across distances, whether by hundreds or thousands of miles.  We have been able to use this for mentoring as well as sharing ideas and co-working.


Some of our photos have been used as backgrounds for song lyrics projection in worship.  Other ideas we've used include a looped slideshow presentation of some of the names of God during prayer ministry. Atmosphere design projects have included a short looped film of a waterfall visual and the use of projection itself - very effective on a flat screen but it can be used in more sculptural way onto draped white fabric with fabulous effect (see below).

At one conference,  dozens of photos captured unexplainable images of supernatural presence. The images themselves seem to ignite a sense of the tangible presence of God for onlookers- see examples below. Photography has often captured supernatural activity in Christian meetings that was not seen by the naked eye. Photography has an essential part to play in recording such activity in the season ahead, as a heavenly creative dynamic combines with our own abilities. The images will become commanding works of art within themselves that carry intention.


At least ninety per cent of the images on this website were taken by Karen Beaton, who is a Christian Events Photographer.  She began taking photographs to record what God was doing. That progressed as she would feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit to take photos when she couldn’t see anything particularly exciting happening to the human eye – but those photos taken on trust, revealed supernatural activity. They had distinctive shapes within the flags as they were waved in praise and intercession like a lion or a warrior. Examples below show a little girl, who was dancing with fabric, leading the form of a white horse's head (below centre); there was an dazzling download of white light as people prayed healing through dance (below left).  Most peculiarly, a hanging portal sculpture at a meeting, (below far right) was lit up directly by a thin shaft of natural light in an unexplainable way, at the very moment a call was given for a significant prayer response.


As you look through this website, you are looking at this area of creativity right now – the photos, the video, the weaving together of words and images in digital media and social media.  We have maintained an active, vibrant facebook page for years before the website.

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Visual works exist to serve the God who has often chosen to reveal himself visually – in the person of Jesus, the beauty and mystery of Creation, in visions, dreams, signs and wonders.



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Media: Photography, Video, Recording

Creative Practice


We are all learning to use mobile phones for recording – one of our team had a powerful and unexpected encounter where she experienced a heavenly vision. She thought to grab her phone quickly and record what she was seeing in the moment. We played this recording at a Blue Flame group shortly afterwards and an intense presence of God fell, leading several of us into our own heavily visions and encounters!  We regularly use mobile phones to record dream interpretations in our weekly dream group – which can then be electronically sent to the dreamer, for accurate playback and recall.  There is a sense of anointing on even the way someone speaks when they are in prophetic flow and speaking inspired words of truth.  Recording dreams, visions, thoughts, responses etc, captures something quickly. It keeps the essence and flow in a way that trying to write it down, in that moment, would prevent.

We have been working with media to record live events, pass on knowledge and illustrate the “Limitless” teaching course.  There is room to explore making and creatively using fresh images as 21st century parables, to express God and our connection with him.  This is not passive media entertainment, but can inspire, provoke and evoke.

Audio Recordings

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