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Hannah Sanderson- Wordsmith

Words weave worlds.

I find God in words and help others find God through words. To equip, enthuse, encourage and encounter.:

Like an artist’s brush or a sculptor’s chisel the Holy Spirit paints and shapes with words and we can be vessels to pour out or to receive. To listen, to receive, to change.

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Then God said.....


This seminar is entitled creative writing but what is on my heart to share with you might be better entitled wonderous words. I want to talk to you about the power of words and how God uses words to communicate with his creation, his angels, his people, his creation at large. Now we have to as always first define our terms…(read more)


You step into a river. The water around you is ever changing as it forces on, bending around your static form. So have you changed place? The water that you were in is now 500m downstream, as it moves on do you not? It takes with it your warmth, dirt and scent – a memory of you. But not you: You remain. You may, by your presence or interaction change the course of the water, temporarily or permanently. You are there, but you are the water's reality… (read more)


I have talked to a lot of people about God over the years and most of the time they are not interested. In the conversation we just can’t get past hurdle one. Why. “That’s all very nice, maybe there is a God maybe this Jesus does exist but what is the relevance to my life? Why would I want to know him? Why would it interest me? I am perfectly happy as I am – I’m just not looking”..... (read more)


We should not find it surprising that the foundations of the Kingdom of God are bright, beautiful and precious. We humans use all of these stones for decoration and in so doing have confined them for ornament only. This is not God’s intention. They are utterly functional; their function is to build the kingdom of God. It is just unavoidable that they are also beautiful … (read more)


There is a drumming in the centre of the earth - can you hear it?

There is a drumming in the deep - can you feel it?

Resonating up through the wet clay – a murmur of vibration, a drone of sound, of reflecting, rebounding molecules.

The very stuff of earth vibrating

Energy fizzing from atom to atom - building like a tsunami of power. A pulse from the beginning, building into a ripple, breaking out as a wave that cracks the plates of the world like a jagged vein of creation exposed…(read more)

A vision of an army This is how the army functioned.

First the Scouts are sent out – they receive glimpses, insights, snatches. Through these they set the DIRECTION, they report back – from these reports the VISION is formed. They plant seeds, out in the territory and in select hearts on their return. They stir the few that will listen, the direction, and the vision are known to only a few.

Next are the Pioneers. These are lone figures: Making a way in the … (read more)


Bless then Father; pour out on them the oil of your love, warm and slick.

Cover them in honeyed goodness, a provision for now and always

Let it run over their lips and down their throats coating their tongues and filling their cheeks

Slipping down like amber mead

Warming and growing inside them – the beginning of a promise

A promise that keeps them warm in the darkness

An ember never guttering … (read more)


You are a gem. A sparkling thing of beauty and strength. You are a natural thing. Designed in heaven and found on earth. The Holy Spirit refines you and polishes you. You stand in the throne room, your many different facets refracting the glory of the LORD. What do you see reflected in the many sides of you, like mirrors to His Likeness. Beyond three dimensional: Soaring on the Spiritual plane too. God watches you in a trance. He is in love with you…(read more)


The tests of Satan, the temptations of Jesus are not wild and crazy they are actually pretty basic…

1. Bread    

2. Fulfilment of His mission    

3. Evidence of who he is, where he is from, where he truly belongs

Or in other words

           1.To live

           2.To succeed

           3.To belong

Jesus was sent to save mankind. He(read more)


In between me and you

May there never be.

Never be that space.


Between here and there … (read more)

Karen Beaton- Wordsmith