The Fire Wall sculpture was an adaption of the The Well sculpture, removing the Blue and adding a whole lot more fire!  Our Blue Flame team helped with the transformation. It is about 10 meters in length with a voluminous mass of fiery fabric.

"The Angel Wings have turned out to be one of the most inspiring artworks I have personally ever made. To my sheer astonishment they have been part of missions and hung in front of thousands of people. Always hung with faith and not presumption they seem to contribute a spiritual dynamic to environments that detonates hunger for new creative spiritual life in people and whole groups. I marvel."

Angel Wings   August 2011

This sculpture was the start of a whole new journey into making large pieces of art which were not like anything I had ever done before. I saw the blueprint for these wings during a prayer time and felt the call to be obedient and make them, even though I had no idea what to make them from and how to get them from a stunning picture in my Spirit, to a tangible sculpture. I walked it through with God and got there step by step, somehow! I felt they would release spiritual creativity in people wherever they went and I have been completely amazed as I have seen this happen with rather wild and volcanic results!

Made from metal, wire, beach glass of varying colours from Israel & Scotland and tumbled antique mirror.

"The challenge is to only weave peace, joy and the Holy Spirit into these works of art so they can release what God wants them to: His holiness, His presence, His healing."

The Gates were made to usher in the new things of God, to invite people to move forward and seek for more of God. In prayer I saw ancient gates and each of the four layers holds meaning. They move through a journey of the refreshing and outpouring of the Spirit into the center core of coloured glass in deep shades of golden amber and royal blue. We are to keep seeking till we find a greater depth of revelation and the secrets of the Spirit.    Made in two halves of various metals, beach and mirror glass. They stand 6ft tall.

The Gates   October 2012

This Blue print for this sculpture was one of a vast crown that would draw people to the majesty of our warrior King. Technically it was an immense challenge, worked on over an 18 month period. It’s prophetic purpose is to call the army of God’s church in a time of increasing challenges and the need for courage. A time to rise in the fight to see the light of the Kingdom overcome darkness.

Made from a vast amount of steel wire, steel rods, copper verdigris, beach glass, antique mirror, glass beads and a whole lot of perseverance! It over 5ft tall and weighs 30kg.

The Crown of the Warrior King   April 2014

The Well  October 2013

This sculpture is 25 meters long made from hundreds of strands of fire and water blue coloured fabrics. In a time when many people felt the conviction to wade deeper into their faith journey, this sculpture was made as a prophetic prayer for exactly that.

The Fire Wall  May 2014

This Whirlwind sculpture was part of a prophecy of great change coming to the church starting Jan 2016. A time of many pieces of people lives and church culture suddenly being thrown up in the air, as it were, and being either removed or repositioned.

Made from steel wire and rods, driftwood, black, red and amber glass.

The Whirlwind   June 2015

There are many examples of sculptures in God's design for the Tabernacle - work to be made by specific artisans Bezalel and Oholiab - filled with the Spirit of God to enable this work.

See Tabernacle pages

Abundance   August 2011

This sculpture was made to symbolize a downpour from God- a drenching of His presence on His people. Each piece of beach glass is like a  persons life - broken but then reformed, tumbled in the waves and deep waters of life till the sharp edges are softened and it becomes a unique piece of beauty. God’s glory radiates through His people as they become changed by a life in Him.

Made from a lot of beach glass! The pieces are fixed on a wire bespoke frame and constructed in 2 tiers. It is almost 5ft tall and weighs about 20kg.

Sculpture by Charity Bowman Webb



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