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Karen Beaton- Poet

The Whirlwind


I stand in a watch tower

I stand on the walls of Jerusalem

I see heaven's door open

The gates flung wide

I hear the Angels shout

The voice of The Lord declares...

War drums sound out the call

Do you hear the call?

Trumpets herald the victory

My warriors, are you ready?

Do you hear the sound of marching feet?

My soldiers hearts rise, to the call to charge

The gathering storm is coming again,

the whirlwind will blow,

the waves will rise

the light will illuminate the dark.

Are you ready for the glorious cloud of flashing fire?

The whirlwind is upon you

Bringing wave after wave

That will drench the land

It will wash out the dredge

It will water that, which was planted long ago

And it will grow,

tall and strong

Trees that have been stunted

will raise their arms in love

Rivers that have been dammed

will burst forth love

The whirlwind is coming,

behold it is yet here

The storm is gathering, are you ready?

Declares The Lord Almighty...

Have you prepared your home?

Have you built your foundations

so your house may stand?

Shed your heavy load,

leave behind the weight of this world

Ascend the mountain of the Lord

Open your heart wide

Worship Him who is worthy

on the Holy Mountain

Where God has provided your sacrifice

For as Abraham said ..

On the mountain of The Lord it will be provided

On the mountain of The Lord

you can see the whirlwind

Wait on Him who is worthy to be praised,

I am coming,

with the wind and the fire of the Holy Spirt

Like a pregnant women

The Delivery is coming...

Wake up people;

Wake up people of Alba

Gather my faithful,

through whom all nations will be reached

like the mighty rivers of Eden,

Rivers of liquid fire,

reaching to the corners of the earth

Stand with me in a watch tower

Stand with me on the walls of Jerusalem

See heaven's door open

The gates flung wide

Hear the Angels shout

The voice of The Lord declares...

"The storm is gathering,

mighty warrior nation

The whirlwind is here

The Deliverer is coming

Coming for...

A nation of artisans

and scientists and inventors

A nation of warriors and conquers

Of kings and rulers

Rise up again my people of Alba

with love in your hearts

Come stir the passion

The passion that will inspire

the nations of earth

to glorify Adoni

Raise up your hands

Declare the unending rule

of your victorious heavenly King

The Lord is coming

Coming in the whirlwind

Rise up men of God

Cry out you daughters of Zion

I am coming to revive my children

Coming to declare

THIS is the day, the day of The Lord"

The Heart of David


Give me Your heart, Lord

For mine has been broken

And dragged through the dirt

But you have been my God through it all

So I will seek Your heart, Father

I will worship you, like David, in the wilderness

As the beasts of sin

Attack my faith

I will trust you with pebbles of praise

And feel Your heart growing in me

I will worship you, like David, on the battlefield

As the fierce giants

Tower over me

I will honour you with the armour of prayer

And feel your heart growing in me

Give me Your heart, Lord

For mine has been broken

And dragged through the dirt

But you have been my God through it all

So I will seek Your heart, Father

I will worship you, like David, in the courts

As my many enemies

Talk of destruction

I will play with joy in your presence

And I will feel your heart growing in me

I will worship you, like David in the dark caves of life

Pursued by my circumstances

Dragging me down

I will hold you and hide away in your love

And I will feel your heart growing in me

Give me Your heart, Lord

For mine has been broken

And dragged through the dirt

But you have been my God through it all

So I will seek Your heart, Father

I will worship you, like David, from the throne room

As I am invited to come closer to you

I will dance naked nothing hidden from you

And I will feel your heart growing in me

I Have Been Called


I have been called,

the same call for every human, throughout history.

A still small voice ‍,

calling each one deeper,

calling us higher.

Hands raised,

knees bowed,

face lifted Heavenward.

Here I stand in his presence,

as an adopted child of God

,here, in the mercy room of heaven,

set apart; holy,

standing in a room, of gold and silver, emerald and ruby,

standing on a floor, of diamond and Safire,

Standing, where there once hung, a heavy black curtain

Now torn in two, by your unfathomable love.

I sway, to the angelic choral sounds of singing...

"Glory to the Lord of lords

Praise to the King of kings

Holy, holy, holy is He."

Singing to the blinding light, seated on the throne,

blinding bright light,

Abba Father,God of Creation,

and the Lamb who was slain,

Now enthroned in victory, over death and fear,

calling me closer, calling us closer.

Surrounded by angels, on either side,

10ft Angels, of royal blue, turquoise blue.

Their wings, like peacocks tails fanned, with eyes seeing all.

Angels of resurrection, of new birth and of newness in Christ.

Dancers, dancing on injustice

Dancing, with banners of Aqua, white and green.

To my right, Feasts of abundant provision,

Feasts, of joy, and never ending peace.

To my left, the Tree of life, with nine branches

Branches, burning oil, with incense rising to the throne.

The sounds, the smells, the sights, the touch,

My heart, swelling to over flowing,

Your words, repeating in my chest,

"Come, come, come

The invitation is for you

Come nearer

The invitation is for you

Come, come, come

The invitation is for you

Come higher

In the Depths of  His Name

I come to the well to draw water

to sip the refreshing taste of peace.

I stretch over the small surrounding wall

reaching to draw the cool liquid that quenches this thirst for more.

I hear a heart beat.

A rhythmic melody,

that sings of love,

of sacrifice and unity.

I turn my ear to better understand

the words of this heartbeat.

The rope slips, I let go, and find myself falling…

Falling in slow motion,

surrounded by the walls of the well.

This small confined space causes pain

as my arms and legs scrape the walls.

Yet I feel a warmth

and security

as words are revealed on the individual stones.

Names of love and grace,

names of healing and victory,

Names of glory and power,

names of new and old.

Names of declaration,

names of my God calling me nearer,

calling me deeper to the inner fire…

Falling further

, still in slow motion the well becomes wider

but the heat is rising.

Somewhere below me

a glow of flickering light

.Heat intensifies

I find myself wrapped in arms of purifying flames.

Through the flames I fall,

sensing a stripping away.

A burning of earthly flesh,

of things painted on that should not be there.

A removing of that which covers

and a revealing of that which shines…

Still further I fall,

slowly descending,

the walls continue to move outward.

The space becoming wider and wider,

as I go deeper and deeper,

nearer and nearer.

The echo of the heartbeat

getting clearer and clearer.

The walls are no more

freedom envelops me,

I reach out and touch the heavens,

as I move in this free fall dance.

Holding the hand of my Royal Bridegroom,

as He whispers words of love

on the warm rising winds…

Now we are together,

in each other’s arms,

we are plunging into the white tipped waves

of warm tropical seas.

Sinking deeper into the wave,

as I breathe in the Spirit of living Water

and breathe out abundant life.

The heartbeat so close now,

I feel its hypnotic vibrations through my chest.

My eyes filled with light and colour.

My ears ringing with Angelic singing.

My body moving to the sway of the rhythm…

I kneel in the gilt lined throne room

Of Adonai, my Lord Most High.

All that separates us stripped away.

Hand in hand with my lover

as the Father gives His blessing,

to a union planned before the creation of time.

This is where I belong,

where it all began

.This is where I shall stay

in the heart of the fire

, in the depths of His love,

holding on to His promise,

created for His pleasure

A reflection on earth of my King’s affection.