Painted at the end of 2015. When you draw from the everlasting well, your bucket is filled to overflowing with the waters of life, and as it pours out, much light, colour, and glory goes out towards others. You will not thirst when you drink from this well, it will nourish your spirit, your thoughts, your imagination and your creativity, and it will completely satisfy you forever. Drink from that well and produce creative works from the right source, and it will release God’s Spirit and power everywhere.

Draw from the Everlasting Well

The Light in the Storm

Painted in February 2016 at King’s Fellowship. When life is stormy and dark around you, don’t lose sight of where you are heading, otherwise you will drift and lose your way! Instead, strengthen your grip of faith, fix your eyes on Jesus, the Light. Jesus will guide you. He is the beacon to take you through the storm, and he is your confidence and hope.

Fire from the North

Painted live in the Dwelling Place at CLAN Gathering July 2015. God told me “You are carrying God’s fire and you will ignite and awaken the sleeping hearts of His people”. Revival will start in the North of Scotland with God’s creative works, represented by the four thistles, Scotland’s national flower. God is blowing his wild fire through Scotland increasing passion for Jesus, signs and wonders, and this will ignite the rest of the country and head into the South.

Painted early in 2016. God has given us good seed to sow wherever we are. It is His Spirit that breathes upon the seeds to make them go where He wants. We do not know the day or the hour that these seeds will land and take root in the softened hearts, but when they do by God’s great power, there will be new spiritual birth, and growth. Keep sowing the seeds and allow the Spirit to breath on them, and bring the Lord’s salvation and life to many.

The Spirit Breathes

Painted live while Charity Bowman-Webb preached at King’s Fellowship Nov. 2013. God told me to paint a river and from its source. From the mighty throne of God flows a life giving river, cleansing as it flows, healing the land and hearts of His people. The river breaks off into tributaries to reach many areas, to not only bring healing locally, but nationally. God wants to give you the fullness of life and bring people into His Kingdom.

Fruitful in All Seasons

Painted live at CLAN Gathering May 2014. This tree grows from the river of life, where its roots go deep into the water. The living water is absorbed into the trunk and up through the branches to produce good, sweet, ripe fruit. This tree stands tall and strong through seasons of drought and heat, because it is connected to the source of life, God the Father. The leaves stay green and are covered in glory, and the tree continually produces fruit because the Lord, the master gardener, has pruned the branches that do not bear fruit, so that the tree can grow new branches and those already there, can expand. Go deep with God, be filled with life and be blessed and prosper in all you do.

Painted live in the Tabernacle at CLAN Gathering July 2015. God is sending a shower of heavenly darts to earth. These light bolts pour down with speed and force , like rain, and enter deep into the dark land so that God can claim back His territory. These shards of light also enter the heart of man and cut deep, to bring truth, sharper than a double edged sword, revelation and healing.

Light Pierces Deep

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Outpouring of His Seven Fold Spirit

Painted live at the Fullness of Life conference May 2016. God is opening heaven and pouring out His pure light, filled with the seven Spirits of God – Spirit of God, wisdom, understanding, counsel, strength, knowledge and fear of God. It’s about surrendering your heart and receiving the outpouring of the Spirit of the Lord, to increase power and colours into your life. Let the drips fall into your soul so that you come into the fullness of life and all the different purposes God has for you.

Wherever the River Flows There is Life

Painting by Morven Ball





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