Brief video of Improvised worship with Musicians Network.  For the singer, this was the first time she had danced publicly.

You can watch the Vision Day talk in London!
Opening poem by Karen,  Charity speaks on Limitless, Q&A,  25 mins: Charity speaks briefly on Wisdom, followed by prayer, prophecy and final poem

Tuesday 19th January 2016     Central Hall, Edinburgh

Our Creative team brought sculpture, paintings and movement in worship to this prophetic gathering to look forward to 2016.

Paintings by Jeni Bump, Wings Sculpture by Charity Bowman Webb, Movement in Worship with Anna Griffin, Sharon Lee & Judith Forbes, video by Heather Gregg.

The 2 paintings on stage reminds a team member of a dream and releases a prophecy for the nation of Scotland

David Powell, who hosted the event, shows Chuck Pierce the fulfilment of the prophecy of creativity from his previous visit - including "Limitless", the book.

As Allan McKinlay leads worship, the Movement in Worship dancers join in, showing intercession and release of Heaven to earth, modelling the freedom of the Holy Spirit in the house.


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