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If you have ever walked through an armoury of the Spirit, the weapons may have surprised you. Amongst the classic swords and shields did anyone happen to see a song, a paint brush or a dancers shoe, a skilful spreadsheet, an architect's plans or a business strategy?

From the shelves of heaven the creative mandate is being dusted off and returned to the earth. Timely defining of our creative DNA lies in God's outstretched hand. There are two directives: there is the general outpouring of Kingdom Creativity available to all Christians to energize their lives and areas of influence producing new solution, strategy and innovation. There is also the calling of the Creative Warriors, the artisans who combine skill and anointing for specific reason. The hour strikes a wakeup call for both and their intertwining purposes in the nations. Strategic objectives in the times that lie ahead.

The message of ‘Limitless’ seeks to unpack those directives, blowing away the foggy mists of forgotten purpose, revealing one of the greatest weapons bestowed upon the church, the creative power of God.

‘I felt very inspired to go deeper in God. Brilliant material, very cutting edge and highly provocative.’

Student Glasgow, Scotland

‘Your workbook is FULL......so you take the main points and you leave the rest to us to explore. My journey is just beginning as I go through the workbook again with eyes wide open, to see doors opened for me in Holy Spirit.’

‘Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration!

‘You set the table, rich with the choicest food and now we dine with Holy Spirit.’

Students Dallas, USA

‘Lots of nuggets and gems to further explore following this weekend. I felt the Lord ask me a few questions about my life that will likely take decades to unpack and explore.’

‘Your excitement is infectious’

I feel this revelation is life changing for me: I feel valued, empowered and truly freed and you’ve given me the tools to GROW in creativity.

Students Dallas, USA

‘I began to receive a stream of new ideas and connections. Sparked thoughts about all sorts of Art/Science issues I have been grappling with.’

‘This weekend has been probably the most important time spent with God this year.’

Students Glasgow, Scotland

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From the shelves of heaven the creative mandate is being dusted off and returned to the earth.

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