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‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‘Words can't begin to explain how this conference impacted my life’  Student Dallas, USA Facebook

Your workbook is FULL......so you took the main points and you leave the rest to us to explore. My journey is just beginning as I go through the workbook again with eyes wide open, to see doors opened for me in Holy Spirit.’

Student Dallas, USA Facebook

‘Lots of nuggets and gems to further explore following this weekend.  I felt the Lord ask me a few questions about my life that will likely take decades to unpack and explore.’

Student Dallas, USA

‘The teaching was phenomenal – went i‍‍‍nto areas I never expected. The WISDOM component was crucial. The quiet, soaking and prayer opened doorways of remembrance as well as to unknown delights’

Student Dallas, USA

‘Tremendously impacted!  Everything is different now. I now see God’s beauty and glory in everything. It’s like a new awareness has opened up and I no longer am apologizing for my obsession with extravagant beauty for the sake of beauty alone.  I can’t wait to study this out in the Word on my own now.  Thank you!’

Student Dallas, USA

‘Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration!’ Student Idaho, USA

‘The Lord has been speaking to me through this seminar like I can hardly believe!’

Student Dallas, USA

‘I feel this revelation is life changing for me: I feel valued, empowered and truly freed and you’ve given me the tools to GROW in creativity.’

Student Dallas, USA

‘You set the table, rich with the choicest food and now we dine with Holy Spirit.’ Student Dallas, USA                      

‘Finally, I understand my call to bring prophetic creativity into the high tech realms of the business world.  I finally get what God has been doing!’  Student Dallas, USA


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