Kindness Outreach

Sometimes it's as simple as taking time to listen to people. Many have few people they can genuinely talk to about life's difficulties. Sometimes it's about making gifts at festival times such as Christmas that share a message of the great news...people are valuable, God loves them a lot!! Sometimes it has looked like giving away balloons and sweets and blowing bubbles down a city centre street while people pause from their busy lives and slow to encounter the joy and peace of what's being released through our prayers for them. There are so many practical and creative ways to show kindness. There are so many ways to release the presence of God to the world.

Mission Romania

Alison Ramsey (one of our Blue Flame Core Team), led a team into Romania along with her husband Andrew in 2016. Case Harului, which means 'House of Grace' in Romanian, is a custom built camp centre in the foothills of the Romanian Carpathian Mountains. Throughout the summer months, more than 1500 campers pass through the camp. Alison team helped in a camp that specialised in children with Cerebral Palsy who came with their parents for respite and encouragement. Read Alison's account of what happens at the camp.

In a recent prayer space project, all primary 7 and nursery classes visited  the prayer space with their teachers. Some nursery parents came in to see what a prayer space was all about. Some of the pupils and teachers returned on their own time in school breaks. One child said that she wanted the prayer space to stay all the time because she loved it so much! There was a lot of positive feedback from the teachers about how creative it was, and how nice it was to take time to be still and reflect on life.

Prayer for Schools

Prayer Rooms in schools in Inverness is a project co-ordinated by Morven Ball, (one of our Blue Flame Core Team).  The prayer rooms are set up and run for a week.

(Note: at the time of her video interview, Morven was employed in primary education - she now works with pre-schoolers)

Morven and her team have set up prayer stations with different kinaesthetic ways to consider the world and pray - which are also suitable for the school curriculum.  The children used the rooms extensively.

Feedback from Primary Schools

Spiritual Fayres

Local Fayres

Blue Flame has been involved with many different spiritual fayres over the last 10 years bringing our spiritual menu and the creative arts in a variety of different ways. It has been the most incredible journey. Not only do we get to see people encounter God in extraordinary ways but in the process of reaching out...we get completely undone for the better! It shapes the heart in a certain way, like nothing else. When we reach out with Jesus love for people, so often we can feel His heart for them while He touches their life. Caught up in the presence of heaven, we all become transformed together.

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The Blue Flames will travel! They joined a local Village Fayre in the Highlands of Scotland in June 2016 bringing a 'mini spiritual fair' to the village fair. They offered our normal spiritual menu (see more) as well as face painting for children. They worked with a local church to bring the presence of God to add light to a sunny highland day.  

Mission Events



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