We rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us with each individual as we engage in prophetic outreach and creative art.

We are offering an opportunity to encounter The Creator God, so we describe what we do as “encounters”.  The team’s work is to listen to what the person asks for, also to listen to what Holy Spirit is indicating and give that revelation to the person in ways they can understand.  It is not a ‘hard sell’ spiritually. When people encounter reality, they know it.  As they ask questions, we answer them at the level they are at.  

Mark Hadfield explains our approach, while on team at Belladrum Festival.

Our focus... Psalm 28 v 7 “The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.”

We aim to do this all in His strength and in the joy of working together with the Holy Spirit. As team, we have a lot of fun! We also expect  to amaze and surprise us as we do what He has asked us to do - share His Kingdom with others.    

We love to help Christians to flourish in their God given gifts to show God's love to people in lots of creative ways

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Encounter Teams

Encounter teams work in twos or threes. They offer ministry for Healing, Prophetic Words and insights, Dream Interpretation with the Biblical Hebraic Method. They also offer Spiritual Cleansing which is ministry to help people break free from any negative spiritual stuff they have picked up as they travel life.

Someone on the team will take notes of the words offered to the person, so they can take them away and begin or deepen a personal journey with God. So many people leave having connected with God in a profound way. Most have never encountered anything like this before.

Art Teams

Similar to our encounter teams, our artists will ask God for a message in a visual form, so that they can produce a piece of art on paper that the person can then take away with them as a gift. The team member will also explain the meaning of the visual message.

Art Face Painting Teams

Forgetting the menu of the usual choices of evil super heroes and the like, we ask God what to paint on the faces of the many children who queue up for this extremely popular choice. Similar to the spiritual art on paper, this is a chance to paint something of their wonderful Godly identity on their face, while gently sharing what we see with language suitable for the age of the child so they understand. The parents love to hear this! There is great power in our words (Proverbs 18:21) so this is an amazing opportunity to speak life and words from the Holy Spirit over children. How does God see them?

We use professional materials and are careful with disclaimer forms for parents to sign for children under 16.

Hand Massage Teams

What could be better than a relaxing hand massage? Yet when you believe in the power of impartation of the gifts and peace God has given us, this takes on a whole different meaning. As people enjoy a rare bubble of calm in a hectic world, they also begin to sense the presence of God in unexpected ways.

Sometimes we couple our teams with one giving the massage, and the other focusing on receiving a word from God for the person and writing it down so they also have that to take with them.

Before the event, we have often made bracelets, cards, art or gifts with a positive message which we can gift to the people who experience encounters. It can become a powerful reminder of their experience. Visitors are also given details of how to stay connected with us. We often have details of follow up ministry available for them if they wish.

Follow up & Give aways

Reception & Atmosphere

The Reception helps visitors choose from the spiritual menu, while explaining what it means.  The atmosphere is set with lots of prayer before we open doors, then as we open there is often live instrumental music, lots of spiritual art and sometimes dance.

We display choices on a menu and invite people to see which one they feel drawn to.

Spiritual Encounter, Healing for Body and Soul, Life Reading, Spiritual Cleansing, Destiny words, Dream Interpretation, Hand Massage, Life Art

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