Dance, face painting, postcards from heaven, prophetic art and ministry, dream interpretation, healing for body and heart and lots more.  We always begin by setting the atmosphere with prayer on location.

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Pentecost Saturday 2016, Eastgate shopping mall, Inverness Scotland

On the Streets in Glasgow with the The Message Trust and their Eden bus and CLAN Games Teams offering healing, dream interpretation, faceprinting and encounter appointments in Whiteinch local community and also in the City Centre.

Whiteinch local community: encounter teams as part of a street fair.

Glasgow City Centre: Blue Flame and Light and Life running a Spiritual Fair inside the Tron church while the Message Trust bands perform outside on the street- all working together to bring people the great news!

Glasgow City Centre: Message Trust bands perform next to our teams of painters offering arm and face painting for all ages- and the queues were huge. What a great atmosphere of Jesus on the Streets.

This  obviously intrigues and attracts people to watch what is going on (watch the film for yourself and see how captivating it is on the streets) -a very visual, colourful way to tell story with movement and music.

Greg and Susan Card encourage passersby to take part in a graffiti like piece, looking at each person’s contribution and listening to Holy Spirit, to interpret and give a prophetic word back to the person taking part.

Interactive Art

Dance & Movement

Blue Flames often serve with 'Healing on the Streets' Ministry as they offer prayer for people to be healed with amazing results. Many feel the presence of God, many are healed in some way physically, emotionally or spiritually.


As well as praying on our knees, we pray with movement in worship with music playing in the background creating a peaceful atmosphere on the busy streets. Our signage is clear, our posture relaxed and welcoming.


This attracts families and encourages people to pause in their busyness, and connect with what is going on: facepainting helps settle young children and give their parents a pause to chat with the team.

Materials are an investment for facepainting.  This is not a cheap ministry and we give it away for free. Parents are delighted with the results and can't wait to take photos - those positive images become part of the family's memories.

Our face painters are inspired by the Holy Spirit and paint only positive, prophetic images on the children, showing who they are in their life callings.  We share the meaning with them and their parents.

Penny from Forge explains what we are doing to passers by. They just don't expect Christians to express church in such a fun way. It draws people to ask questions about who we are and why we do what we do.

Face painting & Balloons


Beautiful Prophecies


Our teams are trained in this type of ministry see more. It offers encounter, direction and healing.

William has a talent for portraiture but he also asks God to guide his hand and give him an encouraging message for people to go with their portrait.

Some team members are trained to give away relaxing massages of hands, together with prophetic word.  Professional standards of health and hygiene are observed.

Hand Massage

Prophetic Words and Dream Interpretation


Blue Flame in Partnership with CLAN Games


'What a lovely experience I had during the hand massage, I feel so relaxed and chilled.'

'Thank you for the words of encouragement. We need more of this in our cities.'

All I can say is a huge thank you for helping me realise that there is a calmer, less stressful life out there for me after a very difficult year.'

'Very insightful and interesting - appreciate of your time. Thank you!'

'My pain is gone. Thank you very much Jesus.'

'Thank you, my finger is moving again after 9 months.'

Blue Flame and Healing on the Streets in Inverness

In the front, Anna moving in worship. Behind her on the yellow covered table is the reception - where people booked their appointment and chose from the spiritual menu on the poster displayed alongside. Behind the pull up poster is the area for facepainting and other tables with people in their appointments.

The queue was persistent: only 2 facepainters all day: Charity and Morven managed to paint 40 faces - each one a work of art with positive images on the children’s faces. One girl had a ringlet of flowers on her forehead and it was a beautiful adornment. In contrast, one child painted by a facepainter at another location, went by with her face painted as a skull with thick crude black lines. What a contrast: death and life. Delighted parents photographed the finished results with their mobiles. They will be part of the family's albums for years to come.

Face painting

Spiritual Fayre

Mission Streets


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