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Mission Testimony


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Belladrum Festival Outreach

We offered our Spiritual Menu with lots of Creative, prophetic Mission.


Guest Testimonies

“My name is Andrew...  God will find me.”

“I walked in empty and full of self doubt and disappointment.  I’ve walked out cleansed, grounded and with a new family.  I feel 10 ft tall, and I leave with an arm around my shoulder that I know will never leave me.  THANK YOU.”

“I feel completely at peace since visiting your tent.  A very intense but warm, lovely experience.

“DEEP!  Scary!  Very accurate”.

“Everything I needed for my life to begin again.  thank you.”

“Absolutely amazing - imagine this on National Health Service?  God bless you all.”

“We found the experience healing and very accurate.”

'Thank you for taking the time to help others, and to share your beliefs in an open'

Wow!!! I hadn't cried this much in ages - how did you know??? xxx

'A beautiful experience, felt uplifted, entered and grounded. Took me back to my Spiritual roots. Thank you for the gift of giving.'

'Thank you - first peace in 2 years.'

Really blown away by the kindness and accuracy of my readings - a big help on my journey - thanks! x"

Belladrum Festival Outreach


Team Testimonies:

'A woman came in and I saw a picture for her of a white gate leading to a meadow of peace. I drew a really simple picture and she started to cry and say it was the most beautiful picture she had ever seen. I felt that relationships were causing her stress and she let me give her an impartation, during which she received the deep peace of God and there was more crying. Then she went for a spiritual encounter and cried some more and received the Father's blessing, she must have been with us for an hour, deeply impacted.'

There were changed expressions on so many faces who went in glum, drawn or just unsure and came out radiant and smiling- especially the two lads who kept coming back for more. One said he wanted write in the visitors' book, but couldn't find the words to describe it what just happened to him’.

'Someone said she came to the tent last year and that her life had changed from that point. She described becoming a Christian without the language we are used to to explain it. It was amazing. She said she had tried church but hadn’t connected with it. We spent some time with her and because she was local and knew one of the team we suggested they get in touch with each other after the weekend and that she tries to connect with small groups in church first rather than a big church setting.'

Belladrum Festival Outreach


Team Testimonies:

'A lady came for healing for Arthritis. We realized there had been un-forgiveness and bitterness through the family line, so she stood in the place of family and asked for forgiveness on their behalf and then we went on to pray for her healing.  She was a very visual person and said she could see a white veil, so we asked if the pain had gone and she said that it was different and it was like a shadow was there. So we asked that the memory of pain would leave her body, she said that she could see liquid gold going through her joints and so we asked what she couldn't do before – she couldn't sit cross-legged which she proceeded to do and with no no pain, Yeehaa! But there was more! I then prayed for any blockages of her spiritual growth and for her come into full maturity and I saw incredible light coming from her eyes with a new insight. When she opened her eyes she was beaming and said that she felt taller!!! Hugs all around again. My goodness what a blast.'

'Something that touched me deeply was how different it is to see people through your own eyes and then look at how God sees them!  Very powerful!  There was one girl who really scared me when I looked in her eyes and there wasn't really anything there.  Then, we asked God to reveal things for her, by the end of the encounter I was so full of love for her, my heart broke.'