Making space for the wonder of God


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Space for new vision, strategy and solution from heaven

The Tabernacle Vision is one filled with a desire to create spaces to meet with God and explore His presence more deeply. Spaces where His people gather and spaces in our heart that allow Him to take us into dimensions of His Spirit we have not encountered before. These are spaces for the hungry. These are spaces where we do not restrict God with a demand for the familiar experience. Instead we seek to prepare a place where God is comfortable, where His presence is celebrated above all else, and see what He chooses to reveal as we journey into His heart.

God has called us to first love Him, and then out of the overflow to love people.

What would happen if your spirit was given freedom to explore your unique shape and how that fits together within the greater structure that houses His presence, for this time and season.

The Tabernacle in Scripture was a pattern released from heaven, assembled on the earth, that housed the presence of God for a generation. There is a strategy given to every generation and every culture that infuses them with the fragrance of Christ. Our vision is to meet, pray and seek God for what this means today.


To draw close and closer still.

To see an outpouring of God's changing presence. What will God show us? How will He change us? What will He commission us to do?

To have no walls and no ceiling for God. What do you want to do God?

To make a place of freedom for the Spirit of God to teach us:  A space for receiving Heaven’s strategies, solutions, innovations and blueprints.

He wants to show us ways of advancing His Kingdom we haven't even thought of.

FEAST 2017 is a Tabernacle space created specifically during the Feast of Tabernacles. FEAST is happening Friday 6th & Saturday 7th of October in Inverness,  Scotland

The Team: Charity Bowman-Webb, John E. Thomas, Rick & Cynthia Hayes and Hilary McNutt, Greg & Susan Card and the Blueflame Creative Team

Joining us this year: Bonnie Chavda, Epiphany musicians, Sarah Dowling

See the FEAST page for more information and to book your place


God is looking for us to respond & steward it well with growing maturity so it can be maintained.

IN THE NEXT SEASON OF THE CHURCH God wants to restore a balance of the practical with the supernatural.

THE NEW & THE SUPERNATURAL can scare us when we do not understand them.

WE MUST TRY TO UNDERSTAND THE NEW THINGS OF GOD & the dynamics of His supernatural kingdom, or we may reject a substantial part of His character and message.

What does God want to do in this time frame of the church? How does He want the church to affect culture now?

Testimonies from Tabernacle Gatherings in Scotland

'I listened to the first 2 Tabernacle teachings on line. it’s still a powerful experience even online!!... I had a picture of my Mum in heaven – dancing with great abandon while my grandchildren were dancing at the Tabernacle event, while I was dancing in my living room.  When my husband came home, he told me about the incredible freedom in dance the children had just enjoyed.'

'Really enthused by the teaching.... filled with awe of God.'

'I was blown away with the blend of sound, sight and movement. The freedom seen in the children was truly out of this world.'

'I started the evening excited. I sat and drew with the girls. But when they went to dance, I wanted to be quiet. So I laid down & closed my eyes. I lifted my hand to heaven and told God how much I loved him, I told him I wanted to follow him & how much I wanted him. And as the music played I felt someone, a voice inside me, tell me to lay still. I felt hugged and loved and peaceful. I felt warm and good and safe. I felt happy.' 11yr old boy, Inverness

'I danced at Tabernacle for the first time in 20 years.'

'As we prayed, God touched me & I had an experience of standing very high in the air as if balancing right on top of a very high telegraph pole... I felt totally fearless with clarity and clear perspective. I knew I needed an understanding of entering into the Holy of Holies.... I have total access when I trust him fully.'

More Tabernacle testimonies

in 2015 Blue flame began to pioneer gatherings and spaces to explore the presence of god exploring the revelation of the Tabernacle in the bible. At the same time Charity, the leader of blue flame, began to pray with friends who also felt to prepare for something that God wanted to do, something important. Two years on, tabernacle has developed with an international leadership team of seven and we are delighted to launch our first international gathering this October-'feast'.